Samuel De Cruz is a French artist. He is creating and publishing Fantasy-Art and Science-Fiction-Art since the year 2000. His artworks are about fictional robots, monster, mutants, humans, cosmic civilizations, empires, architectures and starships. His style is including Abstract, Futurisme, Realism, Fractal, Cubism, Optical art, Fantasy and many more. Warning, some artworks are containing politicaly incorrect ideologies and rebel thinking (anti-lgbt, anti-feminism...). Samuel De Cruz is not interested in money, you can contact him for free interviews, for asking to use his art for free for your projects. All the magazines and books are available in free version, pdf format, (go to "Download"), there is 0% money benefit in the selling of books and magazines.  Samuel De Cruz has several diplomas, he studied psychology, psychoanalysis, computer science, he was in many schools including universities and military superior schools.

 Contact the artist,email : (phone: +33 6 74 66 82 97)

Published artworks worldwide = 18 029.  Total visitors = 1 933 668 (Flickr + ArtMajeur + DeviantArt). 23/02/2021